Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What constitutes reality

Friends know me as someone who frequently, if not always, watches reality television programs. Since 2000 when Survivor came out I've been obsessed, and the ball has never stopped rolling. So many shows have come out since then, of different themes under reality: The Bachelor (love), the Biggest Loser (health), Jon and Kate Plus 8 (family/parenting), etc. etc. etc.

I do not argue that these shows are not considered reality, because my belief is that under those circumstances that is your reality. If I was stranded on an island to win one million dollars, I'd be conniving, scheming and backstabbing to win one million dollars as well. I have never believed that those people who compete on competition-reality television shows are staying in hotels when the cameras are off and they are fed food. With the exception of having to stage a shot or being told to say a certain line (sometimes youtube is pretty accurate when airing clips of a Big Brother contestant being told what to say by the producers), the shows depict the reality of the situation. So that's what my blog is going to be about: how I think shows depict the true reality of the situation. Speaking of situation, I have to get caught up on Jersey Shore.