Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life = Reality TV, Premieres & Finales = Chocolate

Thank you Forest Gump for giving us one of everyone's favourite lines in cinematic history - because "life" has many connotations (like sports is life to athletes, reality TV is life to me) you can swap out life for so many words or phrases. Let's play with that and say "Reality TV is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get." Tonight CBS opens up a Pot Of Gold for the world to share, and I'm calling the creamy caramels!

The previews for Survivor: Philippines have focused 100% on the three returning castaways: Michael Skupin (Australian Outback), Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands and Micronesia), and Russell Swan (Samoa). They're back because they never got to finish due to injuries, and it's time for some of their own redemption. Returning castaways are becoming the new coconut chocolates - good in concept but leave them too long in the box and people are trying to get a bite of one so they can spit it out. I love returnees as much as any Survivor fan, but with rumours that season 26 is another fans versus favourites I want to see some new characters emerge. 

Big Brother 14 ends tonight and it's down to Dan, Danielle and Ian. Fans are speculating over who will get the win. posts its survey of who will win the game, how the jury will vote, and who we want to see get the grand (and America's Choice) prize. I am hoping beyond hope that Ian, my juicy white chocolate treat, gets the $500Gs with Dan coming second - any three I am happy to see win, but Ian has been my treat of the season! Dan is the cherry chocolate that, along with coconut, has gotten bitter the longer it sits in the box.

Who knows? Like a box of Pot of Gold chocolates, we may be surprised by an all caramel premiere or finale. But there is always a few nuts along the way, because what is reality TV if not surprisingly delicious.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Finally Happening - Big Brother in Canada

So this post is like two months late. Sue me. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out the best strategy, putting a fool-proof plan to fruition so I can be crowned the winner of Big Brother Canada! It was announced in May that Endemol has given the green light for a Canadian version of the internationally successful Big Brother franchise. And it's aboot time!

Did you know that at one point Canadians were really the only ones watching any reality television? Survivor  and Big Brother ratings were through the roof for a few years in Canada, while the U.S. audiences were getting bored of these shows for enlisting competitors rather than casting them. Let that be a lesson to Robyn Kass, the casting director for Big Brother Canada. Sure it is fun to see people who were once famous for something no one really remembers (spoiler alert: Blair from Facts of Life is on Survivor: Philippines this fall!), but what's more entertaining that an average Joe or Jill thinking they can make it through a puddle of pudding to win the veto? 

Those who know me know I am definitely applying. Not only am I applying, but I am going to win the game! Watching all major American reality television shows has taught me how to identify any strategy that comes my way, and playing Phil's Facebook Survivor, I know where I mess up and go wrong. Now is the time to prove I am a major competitor. I know I have the fans but now I need the producers to see that I will win.

Off to work on my audition tape. For more info on the show, you can visit to learn about the casting process, audition deadlines and casting call locations. I'll see you on the airwaves!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Almost Falling Off the Wagon

Hello Blog Guests,

I have been extremely delinquent with my blog postings, thinking it was OK to ignore my true passions in life and try new things. As Homer Simpson once said, "Trying if the first steps towards failure." I failed epically at trying something new. Since my last blog post I attempted to write about job searching, cooking and life after school. Well now that I found a job and have lost most of my post-secondary habits, I can tell you that my cooking skills are improving greatly but nothing has changed in my obsession with reality television! I am still a junkie and addicted to it. I'm addicted so much I have to know what happens on The Glass House, and that show is a blatant knock-off of Big Brother, and no one comes between me and my 'man'! But I can't help but watch (and vote and cheer for Erika and Jeffrey).

Since the announcement in May that Big Brother Canada is actually happening, I have been focusing all my spare time into strategizing to get into the house! It would accomplish a dream I thought was insurmountable but is now possible, so on February 13, 2013 watch for me to enter the Big Brother Canada house. I would like to suppress my knowledge of reality television shows but I will get too excited and want to show how much of a superfan I am, so the next six months are dedicated to getting in shape for the show and learning to keep my eyes open and my mouth shut (thanks BB3 Danielle for those inspirational words).

There's too much to catch up on and I should do some work today. Always expect the unexpected Blog Guests.