Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

I've decided to change some stuff about this blog.

Yes, this one here.

As it was originally started as a classroom assignment, I want to change it up here at It's Real to Me with this first of hopefully many consistent posts. I put reality television on hold to revisit an old friend Sex and the City. The show provides me with topics, situations and life choices to think about when I'm sitting and waiting for my next shift at RW. Carrie's inner monologues become my inner monologues, wondering about the commonality between a popular phrase or situation to my life. She always wonders, always asks a question for her weekly column, wondering about who she is and not just her sex life. So here's what I wonder right now: who do you think you are?

Who Do You Think You Are? is a hit NBC reality TV series that explores the ancestry of celebrities, all of who try to discover a secret from their past. Sarah Jessica Parker was the first celebrity to venture her own path into her predecessors in North America. The journey took her all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s. When she hit the end of her journey, she discovered her the link to Esther Dutch Elwell, who was accused but never tried of being a witch. There could have been acting, but I think this was shocking to Ms. Parker (and ironic that she played a witch in Hocus Pocus).

Watching that show always gets me wondering who I really am. Where do I come from? Who are my ancestors? Were there any major events my families were a part of? I know I come from a mixture of German, Scottish and Irish backgrounds, but there is so many closer roots to other European, American, and possibly other ancestries, that it is hard to know where exactly I come from. Research had to be done to ensure the producers of the show were getting celebrities with a semi-interesting to completely fascinating histories in order to make the show watchable.

I will investigate who I am, where my family is from, and what major events have impacted the direction in which my ancestors have taken. Maybe will help me with my journey, but I know that writing this blog I am leaving a bit of history for my ancestors to know me by. Hi, future family members!

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