Monday, February 24, 2014

OMG Premiere Week!

Today is the first day after two major events: no more Sochi Olympics and the Amazing Race All-Stars 2 premiered. My excitement for both events couldn't be contained.


Amazing Race All-Stars 2 looked like a disappointing cast. I know the casting producers are looking for who will draw in viewers, so when you say "all-star" keep in mind that long-time viewers are looking for people who play an outstanding game. Perhaps that's the TV snob in me but Joey & Meghan are not All-Stars!  This seems like more of a second chance but don't mask Jessica & John's major blunder as an "all-star" move.

Survivor:Cayagan - all I pray for is more than half of the cast is entertaining. As a full-time Survivor addict,  I want to see the cast list grow by 16, 18 or 20 every season. Of the 422 available castaways to choose from, fans everywhere can create lists of returning castaways for an returnee season.

As for these guys and gals, I'm lost as to who I am cheering for. I wanted to stick to one brain, one brawn and one beauty, but I'm rooting for the beauties. Maybe it's the model inside me, but I think they'll fly under the radar enough but still stay present. My heart is with Jefra though - I wish her best of luck. She could pull a Jordan (Big Brother 11/13) and sneak into the finals. There seems to be so many big personalities it would be advantageous to settle into the background before striking.

Big Brother Canada 2 - The house was revealed this evening and it looks AMAZING! I wasn't a huge fan of the inaugural season but can get on board with giving it a second try. Check out the photos here (learning how to write on my new phone so can't get the photos yet). Waiting patiently to see the cast, just to make sure no one from my high school made it on the show before me. That's why I really enjoy the American shows better - less chance of knowing someone on the show.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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